Three Tips To Help Prepare Your Children For The Arrival Of An Adopted Child

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Adoption is both a rewarding and challenging process. This is true for both the adoptive child and any existing children you have in your home. If you've started the adoption process and have other children in your home, it's important that you are preparing them for the arrival of their new family member. Here are a few tips to get you started. Be Candid It's not necessary for you to share every single thing about the adopted child's background with your existing children, but you do want to be upfront and honest.

8 July 2015

Five Tips For Communicating About A Funeral

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Grief can influence people's thoughts, actions, and decisions. If you and your family are planning a funeral for a loved one, communication can be painful and difficult. Here are some tips to help you communicate while planning a funeral. 1. Bring a friend. When you are meeting with a funeral director or other professional, bring a family friend along. You and your loved ones will be grieving and it may be difficult for you to make decisions.

22 April 2015

Master These Skills To Build Healthy Relationships

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Maintaining healthy, balanced relationships isn't easy for everyone. In fact, it's common for people to have trouble connecting with their partners, making friends, and socializing. Fortunately, improving your interpersonal skills helps you recognize unhealthy relationships and build positive ones. Communication Effective communication plays a huge role in a healthy relationship. People who don't communicate well with each other often have trouble resolving issues, and they tend to argue more than those who do communicate well.

19 March 2015

On The Road Again: Ten Ways To Boost Early Learning In The Car

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As a working parent, it can be easy to feel guilty and overwhelmed when it comes to the area of early childhood education. You want your child to have the best education that he or she can possibly have, but it is hard to find time to work on even basic preschool readiness skills. Here are ten ways that you can help your toddler gain basic skills during your morning or afternoon commute.

21 January 2015